Your Computer Heroes, LLC
A Technology Consulting Corporation.  Leave IT to us!   
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You may be wondering how we got our name. Back in 1994 our company "Integrated Systems" was just a one-man operation. With honest service values that are hard to find these days the business grew by referrals alone and became overwhelmingly in demand. Business owners would call up in exasperation and some would say they needed a computer hero to come to their rescue. With the "Squads" and "Geeks" out there today, we facetiously changed our name in 2008 to Your Computer Heroes, LLC and hand-picked our technical staff for expansion. We vow to never lose sight of our core values that brought us to where we are now and assure everyone still gets that superior service we are known for. 

Here we are today, at your service!

We promise we won't show up wearing a cape or pocket protectors!

(707) 241-DATA

Even if they don't have their own computer (Information Technology = aka: I.T.) department, business owners enjoy the end results of our comprehensive and optimized network consulting services.

Specializing in Business Computer Network projects and maintenance, Your Computer Heroes allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business.  With a mix of seasoned and newly appointed computer professionals, we offer a wide variety of proven computer and network consulting services that can be taylored for your business.  Yes, you can! - Leave IT to us!  

"You keep customers by delivering on your promises, fulfilling your commitments and continually investing in the quality of your relationships."  - Brian Tracy

Some of Our Network Consulting Services in Demand

  • Network Environment Planning / Setup / Support / Security / Redesign Services

  • Desktop Planning / Setup / Support / Security / Upgrades

  • Managed Cloud Backups

  • Software Deployments and Configuration

  • Data Migrations / Conversions

  • Novell and Microsoft Windows Network Operating Systems

  • Wired and Wireless Networks


    Network Connectivity between offices and remote locations

  • Broadband Connectivity

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • AntiVirus, AntiAdware, AntiSpyware Solutions

  • Remote Computer and Network Connectivity

  • Data Backup and Restore / Disaster Recovery

  • Fault Tolerant, Load Balancing and Redundancy Implementations

  • Network and Desktop Troubleshooting